Turn-based strategy for Android.

Simple to play but with a depth of gameplay to keep you coming back for more.

Will always be free - in app purchase to remove adverts. Regular updates with new features.

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Great and very addictive!
Love it! I have always loved Tactikon, new graphics are awesome, and I will be looking forward to the single player.
This game is amazing. The mechanics are great and the game runs smoothly.
This is a really good game in my opinion. Good job



Easy to play

  • Intuitive UI makes it a doddle to plan your strategy.
  • Clear simple graphics with a retro feel.
  • Rules kept simple for maximum enjoyment.

Difficult to master

  • Nine unit types with different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Infantry, Tanks, Destroyers, Carriers, Transports, Subs, Choppers, Fighters and Bombers at your disposal.
  • Successful units get upgraded to skilled veteran status.
  • Terrain effects mean you need to plan your attacks wisely.

Multiplayer and AI

  • It couldn't be easier to start and join a multiplayer battle with up to eight players
  • Get notified as soon as it's your turn
  • Or practice your strategy against AI opponents

Latest news

5th june 2017 No updates from now on - working on something new
6th october 2014 There's an interesting review of Tactikon 2 here: http://wp.me/p2RTbp-7g
23rd july 2014 Upgraded AI now available
20th june 2014 Animation and player ranking added.
14th june 2014 Local multiplayer added for "pass and play"
2nd june 2014 In-game chat added. Swipe down the tab at the top of the game screen to chat in-game.
28th may 2014 New version released - now with friends-list, player profiles and friends-only games.
17th april 2014 Tactikon 2 released

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